Jenny from the block,

Hey wassup hello.

It’s very rare that you meet someone who you instantly click with, no effort required. Friendships that get formed before you even know the person properly because it feels like you’ve already known them your whole life. I love us because we had zero boundaries from the start, and yet I feel like we’ve come a long way. Thanks for befriending the weirdo who broke into songs you’ve never heard every five minutes, ate all your food and put her head on your shoulder like 10 minutes after she met you.

Here’s to an infinity of long fake drunk phone conversations comprising of me making obnoxious sounds, clearing my throat and laughing like a cockroach, to discovering we have the same water bottles at home (nyasa folyf) , to being a matchmaking and couples counselling service, to going through weird painful crushes and laughing uncontrollably in bio class right under the teacher’s nose. To bonding over Friends and One Tree Hill. To crying over how beautiful Chris Martin is and to getting really excited at the prospect of our teachers in the Big Boss house.

I hope we have pity parties even when there’s no reason to, hope we go for many more Coldplay concerts and some Ed Sheeran ones too. Hope we have random harmonized singing moments, and we go to that Inorbit mall when we’re super rich and buy everything,I hope you finish Hamilton and meet Taylor Swift’s cats but most importantly,  I hope we spend many more nights eating pasta and laughing at Rakhi Sawant saying ‘Jejus’.

One day you will find the love of your life and he will be amazing because you deserve it. One day all your dreams will come true, even the ones you don’t know about yet and one day when we’re old we will listen to trap queen and reminisce about college while our grand-kids play together.

Words can’t describe how grateful I am to have met you, and I wouldn’t want to change anything about you. Not even your unnaturally heavy sweating, or your amazing eyebrows and definitely not the double chin. I know you have insecurities but I need to tell you that I think you’re amazing and we should all be grateful to have you in our lives. You can go ahead and make your mean jokes and sarcastic comments because you have a heart of gold and I knew that from the start.

Thank you for always being there when I need you, for telling me stuff you aren’t supposed to, for being on my team since day 1,  for taking good pictures of me, for procrastinating with me at 2 am, for tolerating my rants and mood swings and Hamilton/Harry Potter refs and for basically existing. I don’t know anyone else who would come to pick me up from Vashi for my pity party, so you just set the friendship standard very very high.I hope you know you have a free and unlimited pep talk/advice/hug coupon from me, so use it whenever.

Lots of Love,


PS- I look forward to “whaling out” with you in New York someday.


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