Dear distressed soul,

2016 has been a rough year for almost everyone. All kinds of terrible things seem to be happening in quick succession. Terror attacks in Istanbul and Jatarka, the Orlando shootings at a gay nightclub, the Dallas shootings, Britain leaving the EU, the Bastille day terror attack in Nice, the ENTIRE U.S presidential election (after Bernie dropped out), the deaths of Harambe, Prince, Muhammed Ali, David Bowie and Alan Rickman, the launch of Pokemon go, the ban on 500 and 1000 rupees and DONALD FREAKING TRUMP. With all this going on it’s not unusual to find yourself questioning everything. Because I for one believed we were on the right track to improve the world (that is before Donald Trump happened and I had to question everything I thought I knew about people). So whether you’re reading this because the world scenario got you beat, or whether 2016 has just been a bad year for you personally, I’m here to tell you that (a) you’re not alone and (b) not all hope is lost, because truthfully speaking,

The world has been through a lot worse. Remember when Hitler wiped out 6 million people (probably more) in his attempt to “cleanse” the world? Or when the US thought it was a good idea to drop atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? When the crusades happened? Wars have been fought, diseases have taken countless lives, we’ve endured famines and droughts and floods and the plague and nuclear explosions and terror attacks and holocausts and revolutions and earthquakes and tsunamis and volcanoes, and SOMEHOW lived to tell the tale. I know it’s easy to sit behind a screen and type these things because I didn’t have to go through them, but I genuinely believe we can do this, because even though mankind screws up often, when faced with adversity we always come out stronger. So if we could make it through all that, we can easily make it through the rest of this year, unscathed.

The second thing is that this year hasn’t been ALL BAD. The media has a habit of showcasing terrible things and pushing the good stuff under the radar because “bad news sells” or some garb like that. But the only thing that fights darkness is light, right? So here’s my attempt at reminding you of some great things that happened this year. Just to be clear, I’m in no way trying to hide or cover up the fact that these things happened or are happening because it’s important to not forget, I’m just saying remember the good stuff and keep your faith.

New chemotherapy breakthroughs have increased the 5-year survival for pancreatic cancer from 16% to 27% (and is getting better), India is becoming increasingly gender progressive (we now have a transgender mayor and a transgender school principal) not only that but this year Dehli’s Pride Parade had the largest turnout ever, and an Indian newspaper released their first gay matrimonial ad. This year Bollywood has had the most number of woman-centric films ever. Leonardo Di Caprio finally won an Oscar, a Michigan soccer team let their manager with down syndrome start the game, the tiger population has increased, India planted 50 million trees in ONE DAY and broke a world record, Juno spacecraft reached Jupiter, they found the gene responsible for ALS and are working on the cure (the ice bucket challenge really helped with funds!) , there is a Hamilton mixtape(!!!), Portugal ran entirely on renewable energy for 4 WHOLE DAYS. The list goes on and on, so here is a link for small stories with large positive impacts.

Let’s not forget about the stuff we still have – Harry potter still exists, Cassandra Clare is still writing books, LIN MANUEL MIRANDA LIVES ON THE SAME PLANET AS YOU, good music is being made, we are not running out of tea or puppies or books or pizza or ice cream anytime soon. We’ll always have memes, we’ll always have Ranveer Singh’s abs and Hritik Roshan’s eyes and Chandler Bing’s sarcasm and beaches and yoga pants and Nutella and Koffee with Karan.

This very second somebody is helping an old woman cross the street with no ulterior motive, some baby is taking it’s first step, two people are falling in love, someone just made a huge donation, somebody just overcame depression, a soldier was reunited with his family, best friends are laughing about something stupid, a mother and daughter are talking about life, someone is taking a well-deserved nap, two people just smiled at each other for literally no reason, musicals are being written, masterpieces are being created, films are being shot, people are still dancing and laughing and dreaming, I refuse to believe Trump or anything else is going to change that.


Next year will be better I swear.





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