So I’ve divided this article into 3 parts- Fun Facts (some basic stuff you should know about the country) , Highlights ( the best parts of my trip) and Gag reel (the not-so-great stuff) also I’ll link all the places I visited at the end. I was on a cruise for 3 days, and once in Sri Lanka, I visited Bentota, Kandy and Colombo respectively.

I don’t usually do travel stuff so I don’t know how this will turn out, but any feedback is greatly appreciated 🙂



1)I really feel the need to clear this up, people in Sri Lanka DO NOT mourn the defeat of Raavan during Diwali.AT ALL. the small population of people who celebrate Diwali there, celebrate the victory of good over evil, just like the rest of us.

2)  Sri Lanka is known as both the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’ and the ‘teardrop of India’ due to its shape, it’s also a big exporter of precious and semi precious stones (we spent a day in a gem factory it was v cool)

3)  92% of people living in the country are literate which means that they have the highest literacy rate in the whole of South Asia.( most people we met knew English but the official language is Sinhala)


  • The national flag of Sri Lanka is considered to be one of the oldest flags in the World. This is the only flag in the world that recognizes different religions.
    -The Lion represents the Sinhalese people of the island.
    -The Bo-leaves at the four corners represent Buddhism. These four leaves stand for four virtues – Kindness, Friendliness, Happiness and Equanimity
  • The Orange vertical stripe represents Hinduism and the Green vertical stripe represents Islam





  • BENTOTA – This was my favourite part of the trip. The hotel I stayed at had the most amazing view, and was literally ON the beach, it was equipped with hammocks and deck chairs and other godly things. Add a good book and coconut water to the mix and the place becomes paradise.



  • BOLLYWOOD PARTY- So there was this “Bollywood night” with DJ something on one of the days on the cruise and I thought I wouldn’t go because these things aren’t usually fun with grandparents, but my aunt forced us to and it was *amazing*, because who doesn’t love dancing to good music under the stars?


  • THAT BALCONY- The room in the cruise was pretty squishy but it had this balcony , and I swear you could see the whole Indian ocean from it (ok no, but it felt like that). I spent an ENTIRE DAY sitting in a chair in that balcony with nothing but a book, surrounded by water and wind.


  • BOTANICAL GARDENS (Peradeniya, Kandy)- Take it from someone who *hates* botany, this was one tourist-y educational visit I did not mind at all, because it was so damn beautiful. Flowers and trees everywhere and just when you think no plant can impress you anymore, they bring out the orchids. It’s an added bonus that gardens are great for pictures.
  • (SEA)FOOD- No vacation is great without good food, and since Sri Lanka is an island, you can bet your boots the food, especially the sea food was killer. Not to mention I love coconut and rice and all the other stuff they cook with.


  • ELEPHANTS AND TURTLES- This is pretty self-explanatory, I got to hang out with the 2 coolest animals (in my not so humble opinion) and they were everything I wished for and more.


  • SAVE THE MANGROVES- Seriously guys, save the mangroves. Lives depend on it. So we went on this boat ride in a lake and it was really serene and beautiful, and there were these amazing natural caves and lots of mangrove trees and I got a fish pedicure, but the coolest part was this island called cinnamon island where they showed us how cinnamon is prepared from the cinnamon tree and it blew my mind.


GAG REEL- because there were also some not-so-great parts

  • WHALE WATCHING- Yes why is this in the gag reel, when it should’ve been the best part? Let me be clear, I do not regret doing this because I did see whales (3 of them!) and a lot of dolphins (like a lot) but freaking sea sickness ruined everything. I’ve always considered myself a water baby and have never been sea sick before this, IN MY LIFE so I don’t know why or how this happened, except that those 4 hours at sea were HELL.



  • THAT STUPID STYE – So my eye decided it’s time to develop a random painful bump in the middle of this holiday, I’m not sure why styes even happen but I was quite annoyed because I couldn’t wear kajal and I look unwell without kajal, not to mention it was *painful* especially when we were whale and I kept getting sprayed with salt water.


  • I GOT HOMESICK- The buffet food was really great but I can’t go too long without ‘ghar ka khanna’ also I just generally missed my city and my bed.


  • I DIDN’T GO TO THE TOOTH TEMPLE OF BUDDHA- Which is something I really wanted to see, because I love Buddhism.


So that’s pretty much it. I had a really wonderful time and got to experience some cool stuff and even thought I missed my friends and parents, it was amazing spending some time with my Dadi and Dadu who I rarely meet. Sri Lanka is EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL (in many ways) and the people there are super nice, I think everyone needs to visit.

What this holiday was really about

What has your favourite travel destination been?


Dream Cruises- Genting Dream

Bentota- Citrus Waskaduwa

Kandy- OZO

Colombo-Cinnamon Red



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