If you think your evil plot to break up our friendship will ever succeed, think again.

If you think a few thousand kilometres can kill what is essentially a highly complex friendship spanning 4 years and built on trust, integrity and mutual love for harry potter, then I hate to tell you that you are dead wrong.

I don’t think you fully understand who you’re trying to mess with. These are people who have supported each other through it all, had imaginary drunk phone conversations at 4 am, snapchatted each other from the toilet, tutored each other during exams, raided each other’s refrigerators, debated about the morality of fictional characters and fangirled over books, music, and people for HOURS at a stretch.

She was there when I ranted about my non-existent love life, or when I was screaming on the phone while waxing. When I went through dilemmas with colleges or when I was sure I would fail the ICSE. When I ranted about love stories she didn’t care about, when I had “apocalypse” moments, when I got overexcited and out of control and when I gave advice nobody asked for. I have withstood a million “I am so tired, I can’t even move” conversations from her, I was there when she had school, extra classes, MUN work and ballet all on the same day. I was there when she ranted about things I didn’t understand, when she sprouted facts like an encyclopaedia, when she made truly TRULY horrible puns. I was there when she binge-watched Alias for a month without leaving her house, or when she turned into a gym junkie. I was there when she had an existential crisis. I was there when she fell in love.

If you have someone who believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself, encourages you to take risks, stands up for you, makes you laugh, and think, and question and knows you to your very core, hold on and don’t ever let go.

We have fought and forgiven, laughed and cried, danced and sung. We have a million memories to keep and a zillion more to make.

A few minor inconveniences won’t change anything.



You’re just a number.





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  1. HHLDR says:

    I like it! 🙂

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  2. mreadsbooks says:

    Oh, this is so beautiful ❤

    PS: I also tagged you in a book tag, if you'd like to do it, here's the post: 🙂

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    1. yes, I would love to do it, thanks so much!<3<3

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