*NOTE- This post is dedicated to my maternal grandma ie. my Nani, I’m going to do another one for my Dadi later.

Dear prof. McGonagall of my life,

There’s a reason you’re my favourite member of our family. It’s because you’ve taught me so much and have been such a constant in my life that I wouldn’t be half the person I am, without you.
We may not agree on many things but you never shun my beliefs or treat me like an ignorant 16 year old even though you have a good 50 more years of experience.

Thanks for debating with me, for teaching me English, for being a constant source of inspiration(from a feminist standpoint) and positivity, for inculcating heaps of good values and manners in me(that I can’t forget if I tried) and for always, ALWAYS leading by example. Thanks for forcing me to eat 4 fruits a day, LITERALLY handing me glasses of water every 20 mins, making tea for me, playing basketball or catch with me and babysitting me EVERY weekend since the day I was born.

All those times you’ve switched off the Wi-Fi at night, or turned off the fan to wake me up in the morning, hidden my Harry Potter books and phone so I would study, tried to make me more “religious” , told me I need to exercise and taken me on “field trips” to the Bank, Public library, Vegetable Market, Dry Cleaners etc. ( because-“Well, someone’s gotta do it!”), forced me to end late night phone calls because “early to bed and early to rise…” and said stuff like “If you don’t eat you will fly away and wake up on a coconut tree” MAY just have been worth it.

Despite the fact that you’ve tried to discipline me in every possible way, I have never met a kinder and more patient soul in my life. This whole family would fall apart without you. You don’t get enough credit for what you do for us, and for what you do, in general -right from working 5 days a week, running extra classes, babysitting all of us, handling household chores, always being available to all your children and relatives, and still finding time to stay fit.

I hope to make you proud someday.


The Girl Who Eats All The Pistachios


  • Carry a water bottle everywhere
  • Carry Vaseline everywhere
  • Be punctual
  • Say you love bananas
  • Say you eat 2 dates every day
  • Say you play sports
  • Offer to carry things
  • Use Tupperware
  • Smile a lot


  • Ask her about me.




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