Dear annoying kid who steals my clothes,

I know you read the title, rolled your eyes and muttered “I’m not a baby anymore, I’m eleven! ”

I feel like people expect siblings to perpetually fight, bicker and mock each other, and while we have done all that (and more) I think you deserve to know what’s beneath my snarky exterior.

Contrary to my words and actions, I’m really glad you exist.

Without you I have no one to make impromptu dances with, no lap to sleep in during long car journeys, nobody to take my side when I’m fighting with mom, and no one to give me advice I didn’t ask for. Who will conduct my photo-shoots in exotic locations? or know exactly what kind of food I like? Who am I going to have Taylor Swift singing sessions in the car with? And who will I play the “song girl game” with?

I would like to formally apologize for making so many jokes at your expense in public (it’s just so easy!), locking you out of the room we SHARE on a daily basis, making you fetch things for me and basically do all my dirty work, for saying I’ll help you with something and then ditching with lame excuses like “my body just needs to unwind right now” and for a thousand other ridiculous things I do and will continue doing for eternity. I know you aren’t apologizing but just for the record you are forgiven for stealing things from my cupboard, not sharing lip balms, permanently trying to look into my phone, not understanding the meaning of no, being whiny and loud and demanding, for doing cartwheels around the house(show-off) and for calling me ‘pimples’

I don’t care that you choose sports over books or that you like P.E more than English, or that you love being in the spotlight and have a secret(oops not anymore) fantasy where you’re really famous, or if you insult Hamilton and still read Wimpy Kid.

You make me proud every single day.

Welcome to the preteen life, can’t wait to talk about “girl problems” with you!

I know siblings aren’t supposed to get along until they are much older, but I look forward to us breaking that stereotype.

PS- you know how you follow me around and copy me when you think I’m not looking? And I tell you to stop cause it’s annoying?

I secretly love it.

Makes me feel like a goddamn celebrity.

Don’t stop.


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  1. This is amazing! It kind of makes me wish I had a sibling :/

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