Skydiving was a life-altering experience for me, and I really want to talk about it.

This is me being outdoorsy

I’m a stay-indoors-and-read type of a person, a hates-roller-coasters type of person, a sits-in-the-café-at-an-amusement-park type of person, a lets-just-order-in type of person.

I haven’t watched any of the Fast and Furious movies but I’ve watched ‘Love Actually’ 4 times.

Catch my drift?

So it should come as no surprise that voluntarily jumping off a plane is not my idea of fun.

That’s why when my parents told me we were going to skydive in New Zealand, I was very reserved.

But I hate the idea of regrets, and also how cool would it be to cross that off the bucket list? So I decided to do it.

We were originally supposed to do it in Queenstown which is like THE PLACE for skydiving, but we were met with bad weather consistently for 4 days. The thing is that the possibility of not being able to do it, made me realize how badly I wanted to.

We went back to Auckland and everybody was still really set on the idea so we decided to do it in Auckland instead.



  • We drove to Parakai which is where skydive Auckland is
  • I was to do it tandem (obviously)
  • I was jumping from a height of 13000 ft which means free-fall for 45 seconds
  • There would be a video evidence to show how brave I am
  • My tandem guy’s name was Billy and he was super chill and funny and kept asking me questions for the video, none of which I could answer properly cause I was so stressed out.


Honestly I wasn’t as scared as I thought I would be. I was more determined, and also I was the first to jump from my plane(by choice), and even though I was nervous it wasn’t about dying or anything it was just the idea of jumping out of a plane that freaked me out

Let me just tell you that falling through the sky feels EXACTLY like you would imagine falling through the sky to feel like.


Also another thing they don’t tell you is that you want to shut your mouth tight before you jump because otherwise all the air will rush in and make you look like a balloon.

My face. I know.

After it was over, I felt invincible

And for literally weeks after I would just randomly think,’ did I really do that?’

It was the most exhilarating 45 seconds of my life.

And also I think the most intense 3 hours ever.

But it is true when they say everything looks better from above I mean…



It may not be a big deal for some people but it was a huge deal for me, in fact if I’m intimidated by something even today, I’m like, “ you jumped off a plane,you can do anything!”

In summary I just want to say, that there’s a reason people are addicted to adventure sports. The adrenaline rush is insane. It’s still not my cup of tea, but my advice to everyone is to not overthink these things, if you have the opportunity, just do it.

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  1. aj says:

    that’s so cool!!!!!

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    1. thank you!!! it really was 🙂


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