I can’t put into words how much you mean to me,
It’s time to share your story with the world.

Everyone has a backstory. Be it Lionel Messi, JK Rowling, or Abe Lincoln. My mother, Hasina Rajotwala, is no different. At a very young age, she fell in love with the world of design. Bags, clothes, shoes, my mother dreamed of it all. But for her, buying merchandise itself wasn’t enough. An out-of-the-box thinker, she wanted to make everything herself, to brand her style with her own individuality. And that was where the idea of Hues Accessories was born.

However, just like in the case of every entrepreneur, my mother’s path to success was filled with obstacles. Did she have what it took to overcome them? Even now, I am in awe of her determination and strength, and it is something I can only hope to inherit. In the design business, freelancing isn’t always easy. Pure talent can only take you half the way; contacts and connections will take you through the rest. For a young and bustling enterpriser, new to the business world, contacts were very hard to acquire. I remember her telling us stories of how she would day after day try promoting herself in every way possible, and would stay up half the night sewing bags. As if that wasn’t enough, financial aid was hard to come by and loans weren’t always easy to get. Yet she persisted, and there is no one prouder than me of how far she’s come.

But this wasn’t always the case. Any Indian businesswoman knows the struggles of managing work with business and kids. Drop-dead exhausted, she would come home in the early years to a screaming new born child, only to have to cook and clean and fulfill the duties of the house. Even though my father was extremely supportive and my grandparents helped in every way possible, she eventually had to put her business on hold. I guess some things a mother just has to sacrifice.

As we grew up and moved from crawling babies to school going children, my mother found herself with her hands full, dropping and driving us to and from places, helping us with our homework, teaching us values. With all that, where would she get the time to resume her career? Little did we know, my mother never stopped dreaming.

A couple years ago, she finally decided that it was time to go back to her old ways, and achieve the goals she had set for herself when she was a young girl. She began working relentlessly, exhibiting her newly made bags at local galleries and expo centers, and eventually she was able to reestablish herself.

Even though problems will never erase themselves, I know my mother will never let them get in the way of her aspirations. This may be just the beginning, but I hope she has a long and successful career ahead of her. She may not posses adequate finances or high up connections, or even enough time to give to the business, but it is my firm belief that her determination, which has taken her this far, will carry her through the rough storms that lie ahead, and she will emerge stronger and more determined than before. Now all I can ask from you is to believe in her as much as I do.

-16 year old who doesn’t say thanks enough


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