When I was ten years old, the world was ending, or so I thought. I held the phone to my ear, trying to process the information I just received. random words like ‘moving’, ‘forever’, ‘Kolkata’ swam in my vision and I vainly attempted to imagine a life without my best friend by my side at my side at all times. Then the tears came. I cursed fate and the universe and god and all other things my tiny brain could lay blame on, for ruining my life forever. I tried to shake it off, pretend it’s a lie, pretend she was just sick and would be back in school one of these days but reality, as it often does, caught up to me eventually.

So I moved on, I realised it wasn’t the end of the world, I began making new friends and talking to new people at school. Of course I never lost touch with my best friend we spoke on the phone as often as we could, and sometimes she would visit but as anyone who’s been in my position will tell you, it’s never the same.

Then when I was eleven, a new girl joined school. She was from Malaysia. Cheerful and lively, everybody wanted to know more about her. Initially I couldn’t have cared less, she was nice enough if not slightly outspoken and a bit too excited all the time, and I couldn’t help but notice how similar our interests were. We didn’t become friends until much later, when I realised I spent too much time with people who wouldn’t miss me if I disappeared. By then the air of mystery surrounding her had worn off and as most new kids are, she was subjected to hostility and judgement from the “cool kids”. Our mutual love for books, dance, and English drew us close and soon I found myself opening up to someone again, when I never thought I would. You can never truly replace a person, and I never wanted to, but it felt nice to have someone to share problems, secrets and stories with. Four years later I found out that my second attempt at friendship was moving to Dubai.

Now I’m sixteen, and most people in my position would think the world is ending. But I know better. I entertained the thought that maybe this is how my life will always be, that people will always leave and that I’m meant to be friendless and alone, forever. I pulled myself together faster that I had anticipated and tried my best to be supportive. It took a while but I got over that too.

2 days ago I found out that my original friend who moved to Kolkata, was moving back to Bombay in a month for college. Around the same time, my new friend is moving to Dubai. I still don’t understand what to make of this,I tried to understand it only to realise that it was best to just let whatever has to happen, happen. I’ve learnt it’s best not to over-analyse a situation, because things have a way of working themselves out in unexpected ways. When you least expect them to.



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